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Tee K Glam Boutique & Beauty Bar Is Looking For Talent...

Need a place to flaunt your skills? Need your clients out your house & getting your services from a stylish location? Come Check Us Out! For $75 Weekly Or $300 Monthly (12 Week Agreement) or (6 Month Agreement); You Can Rent An Open Space At Tee K Glam. Im interested in having someone who offers any type of beauty services or crafting and needs a nice comfy set up. If you have a positive attitude and love making money; My beauty bar has space for you! If your an expert in what you do come sit down with me and lets discuss partnering!!

We Master in multiple services. Nails, feet, eyebrows, personalized pieces, geometric wall design, and what you all know me for mostly EYELASH EXTENSIONS. Our signature spa parties have three different options available. Fashion Glam & Glitz Runway, Spa Party, or Candy Shop Princess. Everything can be found & or booked on the website of course! If you feel we are a good fit or want to stop by and check us out, GIVE ME A HOLLER! Thanks & as always STAY BEAUTIFUL

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